Stranger with memories

Strange as it is, you don’t realise who you can count on until the situation arrives, only when it does happen you will see the hands that hold on to you are fewer than you imagined. Strange as it is, your own friends don’t appreciate you having an opinion, for them every word you say […]


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Am I back ?

I haven’t written anything in a long time now, and I’m not sure what’s making me do it now. When I say long time , I mean it. It is probably two years or so the last the time I penned down or typed out ‘stuff’ . Well, you see I do not know whether […]

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Ear, what do you hear?

There’s chattering all around , people talking about songs and life and love. Not a single conversation does my ear pick up. It rather hears the thoughts that’s flooding my mind. Oh ! Mind you the thoughts aren’t healthy, it’s like a viscous parasite that consumes you slowly and steadily without giving any hint of […]

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The wish of a five year old.

I wish to go back in time and tell that five year old me to stop waiting to grow up , I would love to tell her to enjoy the childhood while it lasts. For once I started seeing what ” being an adult” brought with itself, I started reminiscing the good old days, the […]

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I wait for all of it to come to an end. Drained. Exhausted. I feel the resistance against every breath I take. It feels so heavy to just take in the air, the weight of my anxiousness, self doubt, under confidence, worthlessness seems to make their way back to me.  Reaching that point in life […]

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The journey.

I might crib and cry when there’s a call to pack my bags for a trip to native. I might’ve even chosen to stay in a dorm just to avoid a travel of 45 minutes. But the travel back home on weekends makes me realise I’m stupid if I deny the fact that somewhere deep […]

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The martyr.

While you go to bed tonight, whisper a silent prayer for those forty families that will be awake tonight with tears in their eyes and unbearable pain in the heart, read one of the post by my friend. Palwana attack. Shiver down your spine? No ? Then listen to this. He grew on her soil, […]

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The art of giving

The art of giving. . . . So my sister has a cute little poster of quote “ your greatness is not what you have, but what you give.” It has picture of Mickey giving piece of his clothing to pooh. The sheer simplicity of that picture and the enormous amount of meaning the few […]

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Breaking through

The rope binding me had to be broken by my work. The tape sealing had to be torn by my talk. The chair fixating me had to be shattered by my dreams. My work, my talk, my dreams had to be stronger than the monster residing in the jungles of insecurity, jealousy. Stronger than the […]

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They scream with a voice that’s unheard by many. Running away ; you might think, But do you know the agony , the self doubts and low esteems that haunts them all the time ?  Do you think Introverted, depressed and agonising life is cool ?  You go around telling and putting up stories of […]

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